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A multi tool knife is a highly versatile equipment which offers convenience both in use and carriage. In fact, one would not need to carry some other tools incorporated in your multi-tool if its a good quality one. There are many manufacturers out there who provide this, but only a few can give a reliable option. Additionally, this various uses of a multi-tool will give you some reasons to buy one.A multitool is a handy kit for anyone who doesn’t like to sort through their toolbox for the right tool to handle daily tasks. It can be used by every auto mechanic, handyman, electrician, HVAC technician, DIY warrior, and camper.

  • Convenience. Typically you can carry a multitool in your pocket, on a belt loop, or in a purse. There’s no reason to have separate tools to locate (and then store) when you need to perform a task.
  • Multi-use. With a multitool, you can repair a loose armrest, a lamp, or a caster in your work space or in your co-workers’ spaces. You can also cut cardboard or paper and open boxes, bottles, and cans. If you’re working outdoors, you can cut wire or saw wood.
  • Great for the outdoors. When camping, hunting, or hiking, your multitool comes in handy. Use it to cut rope, filet fish, and prepare food for cooking. You can also repair your truck, car, camper, or ATV with it.

Various uses of a multi tool knife

Cutting items

Most reliable multi-tools carry strong knives and scissors for light cutting jobs. Some of the items it can cut includes food and ropes during an adventure. As much as their knives cannot be equated with regular pocket knives in comfort and strength, they will still deliver results at the end of the day. The blades are sharp, and size is dictated by the size of the multi-tool. One has to use the multi-tool as the handle, and thus it is crucial to have all other accessories closed during the use.

Screwing and unscrewing

Nowadays most home facilities will have some screws somewhere. It can be tricky to open any of them for some reason without a screwdriver. Multi-tools usually have this capability with some of them having a couple of options. Thus its easy to use this tool to do minor screwing and unscrewing at home. Again, one needs to fold back all other accessories to get the best grip.

Gripping items with pliers

Pliers have many uses whether at home or outdoors. Pulling off small items from surfaces is their main work. Pliers can also be used for fold or chip items like wires or tiles. Almost all multi-tool will, in fact, have pliers as their main tool. One needs to choose a sizeable one to will balance between strength and portabilityBottle and can opening

We need to open these every other time. Therefore, it is important to choose a multi-tool which will have these options. The two are either separate or attached as one. They need to be strong enough to deal with the pressure of opening either a bottle or a can. Those made of hardened and noncorrosive metal are the best to avoid bending or contamination through rust.

The above-highlighted uses are not exhaustive as this depends on the manufacturer’s creativity. Buy one which suits your needs.


This is an invaluable additition to your triathlon gear, great in emergencies and very versatile and light weight, you will be ready for any emergency and will save minutes on your times.

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Best Selling Multi Tool Knife
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